Often mopped, overbooked, you do not hold in place and your smartphone is still grafted to your hand?
Good news, our teams have developed THE APPLICATION which will further increase (if possible ^^) your productivity!

Discover today the application version of Mobile Backend 360 ° Apps Panel.

 Analyze, manage and monitor your mobile application in just a few clicks thanks to our backoffice now available on your smartphone! Find the main features essential for managing your mobile apps.

Manage your entire application portfolio in the same place by logging in with the same identifiers as those of our mobile backoffice web platform. Authentication is secure just like the data visible within the application. An alert popin (in the app menu) allows you to check in just a few seconds the operating status of your application.

As the web platform for managing your application projects, the Apps Panel mobile application allows you to administer and monitor your app on a daily basis.

  • Mobile Analytics
    View and track real-time usage statistics (unique visitors, sessions) and downloads of all your applications on explicit graphs.
  • Device Center
    Visualize the device segmentation of your mobile users by OS (Android, iOS, Windows Phone).
  • Mobile Marketing
    Program and send push notifications to your mobile users from your own mobile! The “History” function allows you to have a view of all notifications sent but also to see the opening rate of your messages.
  • App Monitoring
    Monitor in real time the proper functioning of your app (webservices, crash, security etc.)
    Schedule alerts on key indicators to keep you informed 24h / 24h of the status of your app.

A feature missing in your mobile marketing strategy, mobile analytics or in the technical management of your app? Do not hesitate to suggest it to us!

Apps Panel is available for free on iOS and  Android  download it quickly to manage your apps anytime on your smartphone!

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