Create your mobile app icon to get more downloads

Create your mobile app icon to get more downloads

Knowing how to create an icon for your mobile application is fundamental. 64% of app installs come from searches by users in app stores. The icon is a visual catch , which penetrates the eye and captures the attention of people who want to download your app.

Of all the tools at your disposal to promote your mobile application, icon creation is one of the most important tasks and you must devote the necessary time and effort.

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What are the hours spent in the creation and mobile development of your own applications or those of your customers if the product later is not attractive or does not want to be downloaded.

The icon is the first visual contact and sometimes the only one who can play in your favor.
With a quick glance, you may not like your mobile app or not be attracted by it. We buy through our eyes. The usefulness, features, and technical innovations that come with the mobile app are important, but the most important thing is to get your potential users excited about your app.

Creating an effective icon is a mix of art and science. To determine whether or not we download an app, our brain quickly makes many decisions. The icon allows you to make these decisions and transmits many messages about an application: If the icon is well designed, the user can assume that the mobile application is well designed and is better than that of its competitors.

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