Digital marketing: enhance your skills with a certificate

Digital marketing: enhance your skills with a certificate

Today’s businesses are directly impacted by digital. Whether you work in the areas of business, marketing or as an entrepreneur, you want to learn new skills and be up and running quickly. In continuing education, the emlyon business school offers a digital marketing certificate in nine days.

Learn digital marketing to understand the issues

According to the Ernst & Young study on the revolution of trades,

70% of French managers consider that the lack of skills is a brake on the development of their company,
The training is cited by all managers interviewed as the priority to adapt skills around the world,
Among the trades most likely to to change in the next five years are those of IT and digital.

Training in digital is necessary to understand the issues, each business is impacted. The emlyon business school has developed a certificate in digital marketing that provides you with the necessary skills in this area. E-marketing, cross-channel marketing, and SMO: these three modules will give you the keys to study behaviors and predict the levers to operate.

A certificate to value new skills

Resuming studies is not always possible. In this context, certificates make sense. It is a validation of skills acquired after an often short training.

To pass a digital marketing certificate, it is:

  • discover the field of possibilities in digital marketing
  • the opportunity to have another vision of his position,
  • to be a force of proposition vis-à-vis his collaborators.

Acquiring these new skills, these are all opportunities to evolve internally.

Define its objectives and optimize the levers of digital marketing

Is the digital strategy already launched, or is your mission to propose it?

  • Take the time to think about your business goals: visibility, notoriety or conversion.
  • And choose the most appropriate tools to meet your objectives: Inbound marketing, SMO, SEA …

Study the competition and understand the expectations of consumers, it is a good way to find ideas, to innovate to redirect its marketing and commercial policy.

A digital marketing certificate in 9 days to get to the basics and be operational

Where and where to start, how to train quickly  ? The emlyon business school has planned a dedicated course, to obtain a digital marketing certificate.

Three modules to understand the challenges of digital, think about the strategy of the company, and have the keys to implement it.

– E-marketing  : the levers of acquisition of traffic.
– The multichannel strategy or how to optimize the interactions between the different channels.
– Leverage Social Media to increase visibility (SMO).

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