E-commerce application: Why and how to create one for your shop

E-commerce application: Why and how to create one for your shop

In the burgeoning e-commerce marketplace , most online stores are relying on an e-commerce application as an extension of their web page. Therefore, as an online store , it is almost essential to have a mobile application to stimulate growth and sales .

The transformation of “brick and mortar” (traditional companies) into “click and mortar” (traditional and digital companies) now offers a more personalized shopping experience . With e-commerce applications, online stores can better meet the needs and preferences of their customers. But why are these apps so popular with consumers?

According to a Clutch survey , the top four reasons why consumers use an e-commerce application are:

  1. To receive exclusive offers (68%)
  2. For flexibility and the ability to buy anytime (64%)
  3. To compare products and prices (62%)
  4. To save time in store (54%)

In addition to these reasons, consumers tend to use e-commerce applications to access more products (53%), avoid moving to stores (47%), and have the ability to choose where and when to receive their order ( 27%).

Given these results, a new question arises: is an adaptive website not enough to align with current e-commerce trends? Keep reading to find out!

Why create an app for my e-commerce business?

First, let’s take a look at the benefits an e-commerce application can bring to online stores.


Loyalty can be one of the reasons an online store develops a mobile app. The goal is to create a strong connection between the shop and the customer .

How? By offering exclusive offers for the installation of the application. Customers are encouraged to make a purchase through personalized and engaging offers such as time-limited offers.

But why is brand loyalty so important? According to data provided by Adobe , 67% of online shoppers using their mobile to make a purchase prefer to do so through the official application of the brand. By stimulating user engagement through an ergonomic app, you can build brand loyalty.

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