Here’s how to keep gas furnace run efficiently

Here’s how to keep gas furnace run efficiently

Among the various types of furnaces available, the gas heaters are considered to be the most energy efficient home comfort solutions available primarily because they can operate at the highest energy efficiency ratings. However, it is important to note that all gas furnaces are not created equally, and selecting the right one will make a big difference in how proficiently you heat the home and the amount of money you save on your utility bill.

Gas furnaces can be of two types:

  • Condensing: In this type of gas furnace a secondary exchanger is used to accumulate the surplus heat vapor, thus enabling more efficient energy consumption.
  • Conventional: In this type of heater, the gas burns through a single heat exchanger and lets the remaining heat to escape through a chimney or the walls.

Tips to keep the gas furnaces running efficiently

The below mentioned tips on maintenance will help your gas heating system remain in good condition for several years:

  • The filter system is the most integral part of a gas heater as it prevents dirt from getting entry into the furnace. Hence, it is suggested replace or clean the filter constantly based on the use. Check from time to time to find out if the filter has accumulated lots of dirt. If it is clogged totally, consider getting a replacement.
  • Clean the blower which is located just next to the air filter. The dirt, dust and rubbish that go through the air filter accumulate in the blower. Therefore, it is vital to clean the blower, belts and pulleys so as to eliminate the accumulated dust. A clean, damp cloth can be used to clean the blower.
  • Furnaces that run on gas are affixed with a venting system. Over a period of time, this ventilation can get blocked because of large amounts of debris and dust. Blocked ventilation is hazardous and can cause lots of dangers to the users. Therefore, you should clean all the vents by using a large brush.
  • You can think of upgrading the thermostat to a programmable one as this reduces the amount of time the appliance runs when it does not actually need to, for instance while you are sleeping or working. Several types of thermostats are available, from plain ones to the more complicated ones. Look for one that is easy to install and program and has good support from the manufacturer in case you need any kind of assistance.

Cleaning and maintaining a gas heating system is not much of a challenge or task. It is also not very costly to maintain a gas furnace as you will come across fewer expenses and possibly never have to buy another furnace. However, make sure that you get the heater serviced by a professional at least twice in year as this will help your system to run efficiently and remain in good condition for several years.  A thorough checkup of the furnace also helps in keeping you and your family safe and secured.

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