How to optimize your presence on Google?

optimize your presence on Google

There is a lot of talk these days about SEO on search engines. And for good reason: statistics confirm, most Internet users do research online before buying a product or service.

In this context, it is more than essential to have a good SEO strategy to ensure proper positioning on search engines and increase the visibility of its online business , especially on Google, the engine most popular search. Here are some tips for doing this.


One of the main ways to increase your company’s visibilityon Google is to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are two main types of SEO: natural referencing and paid search. While the first is to bring your site to the top of Google’s natural search, the second is to make your business visible on the sponsored links (located at the top) of the search results.

Natural SEO

SEO can be done by yourself, using simple tricks, or through an agency specialized in SEO . If you choose to do it yourself, pay attention to these criteria:

Choose the right keywords  : choose keywords that are representative of the products or services you offer and make sure to include them in your site’s content (URL, title, articles, sections, meta tags, etc.). meta tags are information that does not appear on your website but are entered into the HTML code of your site to provide information about your products or services to search engines. These are usually the info that appear on Google when users make queries.

Submit your site to Google  : every day, search engines scan the web to integrate new sites to their rankings. If your site is not yet in their results, it may be because it has not been indexed yet.

To improve your visibility, be sure to submit your site each time you make a change; this will allow Google to index your new content. This link explains how to do it.

Paid SEO (AdWords)

To guarantee results on Google, nothing better than using an AdWords campaign. By buying ads and sponsored links on Google, you are certain to appear first in the search results. This increases your chances of being tagged and clicked on your site. You can engage in paid search yourself or seek the advice of a specialist agency in SEO to do.

Use social networks

Search engines love links pointing to your site and place a lot of importance on social networks when classifying their search results. To improve the visibility of your company on the web, a simple trick is to include links pointing to your pages when broadcasting your content on social networks.

Create a Google form

In a context where much of the research that is done online is local, it is important to ensure a positioning of choice on the search engines for local queries. To do this, make sure you fill out your Google form by entering complete and up-to-date information. The more complete and up-to-date information, the better your chances of appearing in local rankings.

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