How to respond to negative comments on Facebook?

respond to negative comments on Facebook

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, you probably already have a professional Facebook page and have received negative comments from users on one of your products or services. Without being able to avoid them, did you know that it is possible to use these bad testimonies wisely and take advantage of them to find new customers?

There are several types of negative comments that can be left on one of the pages of your corporate social networks . There are well-founded comments, that is to say those expressing real dissatisfaction, and unfounded ones, the comments of malicious people who are not even based on real experience with your products or services or even trolls.

To answer quickly

In the case of negative comments based, you must perceive them as constructive comments giving you the opportunity to improve. It’s a bit like free feedback that one of your clients gives you. One of the first rules to follow in such cases is to respond to comments as quickly as possible. Do not erase them and do not ignore them; it may sound like you’re not listening to your customers and you do not care about the quality of your customer service. Show that you value your professional image and the satisfaction of your buyers .

Remain polite and professional

In your answers, it is important to remain polite and professional, even if your interlocutors are not. A simple exchange of comments can quickly turn into an escalation of interpretations and degenerate into a crisis, which is to be avoided. If a user is too pushy and keeps complaining about the feed, invite them to continue the discussion privately so that your other potential customers do not see the scene.

Keep in mind that the more commented a publication is, the more likely it is to be visible in the news feed of subscribers to your corporate social networking pages . The ideal is therefore to minimize the number of comments associated with a publication, unless, of course, most comments are positive!

Show the user that their problem is being taken care of

In general, the key when a user makes a negative comment on one of the pages of your corporate social networks is to let him know that his comment has been taken into consideration and that concrete actions will be taken. companies to solve his problem.

Know that nobody is perfect and it is impossible to please everyone. On the other hand, if you want to offer a customer service that inspires confidence, be complacent in the face of criticism. The more people you enjoy, the more credibility you will gain. You can write, for example: “Thank you for your comment, the problem is known, rest assured that we will pay great attention to correct the situation as quickly as possible. We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience. “

It is important to personalize your response based on each comment received to show users that you are listening to their needs. Excuse yourself, if need be, be forewarning, when you know that one of your customers had a bad experience, surprise him by offering him a small compensation. Just the intention and the gesture are often of great value to your buyers.

Some interesting statistics:

• A very satisfied customer speaks to 3 people
• A dissatisfied customer talks to 12
• A very dissatisfied customer talks about 20
• 98% of dissatisfied customers never complain, they just leave you
• Negative experiences weigh in for 65% of customers lost
• 75% of negative experiences are not related to the product
• The main reason customers leave you is the fact that they are not considered.
• Recruiting a customer is three times more expensive than building loyalty.
• Reclaiming a dissatisfied customer costs 12 times more.

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