Our Support offering allows our customers to take full advantage of their mobile application throughout their life cycle.
Nothing worse than an application that bug and crash without knowing where it comes from. Optimal availability and application performance are needed to deliver a mobile experience that will make a difference to users.

Thanks to its advanced skills and vigilance,  n ur support team assists you in preventing the resolution of incidents  detected on your app. A detailed analysis of the logs and a guaranteed speed of intervention (No Bullshit, it is written in the contract ;) ) will make it possible to avoid / to anticipate the incidents or to correct them quickly.

To do this, our teams have developed different tools adapted to each stage:

  • Anomaly Detection: Monitor Apps, Crash Report, Webservice Test …
  • Intervention of our support team: support platform, support …
  • Personalized monitoring: http logs, runtime monitoring, automated application tests, manual tests, technical COPIL, prioritization of incidents …

By email, live-chat or phone, the Apps Panel Support service is ent to yo

A status page of the state of our system is also available to give you visibility on what is happening on our infrastructure. Feel free to subscribe to the page to receive all updates by alert.

Do you have a doubt or a question about how our mobile platform works? A documentation on all the tools of the backoffice is also available to enlighten you on its use.

What is the Third Party Maintenance Application Service?

TMA or Third Party Maintenance is the best way for our customers to ensure the continuity of their application against changes that are not the result of an event specific to Apps Panel (API, webservices, OS version, update of databases …) . To remain competitive and meet the (perpetual) expectations of mobile users, it is important to develop new features, adapt to new market, in short to innovate continuously!:)

The TMA Apps Panel service enables our customers to have at their disposal (in a simplified and flexible way) a mobile expert who will enable them to maintain and develop their application project.

Our TMA team intervenes on four levels of action:

  • Incident / problem management (technical, functional, infrastructure …)
  • Change management (new OS version, SDK, webservices …)
  • Functional evolutions (existing or otherwise, UX, devices …)
  • Metrology (analysis of service quality, application performance, and infrastructure)

The TMA is also a contractual commitment from us on the maintenance of your app. If response times or response times are not maintained by our teams, penalties will be applied (conversely if you are satisfied with our team, you also have the right to let us know ^^) .

Support & TMA, the winning combo for your application

Your mobile project is unique and connected to elements that are specific to your business. We can only advise you to combine these two services to ensure the reliability of your app throughout its life cycle.
One being complementary to the other. A first phase of detection / monitoring of malfunctions is set up, if the problem comes from us, no problem, with the Support Apps Panel you are guaranteed to see your app support as quickly as possible . Conversely, if the malfunction comes from an external resource, it is the TMA service that takes over to provide the necessary corrections / evolutions

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