Programming languages ​​to create an Android application

Programming languages ​​to create an Android application

Android development has boomed in recent years, so it is not surprising that many developers want to specialize. But what are the prerequisites to become an Android developer and create an Android application ? There is only one: to know the appropriate programming languages .

It is essential to know Java well before you can develop for Android, but most developers also use XML. Both languages ​​are indeed recommended by Google for the creation of Android applications.

What are the programming languages ​​to create an Android application?

1. Java

The bare necessities to create an Android application

Java is the most used Android language in mobile development. One of its biggest advantages is that software created with this language can be easily installed and run on different operating systems , be it Windows, Mac OS, Linux or whatever. With a little help from Google, which provides you with the Android Studio development environment , you can create a much more complex android application.

2. XML

To optimize Android development

When developing your applications with Android Studio, you will most likely come across snippets of code written in XML. This markup language is used to manage the display of content on the screen. It is not essential to create an Android application , but it facilitates the development by allowing to separate the display of algorithms. With XML, we save timeand simplify the code of the application , which avoids errors.

3. Android Studio

The essential

Before you start creating your mobile app, you will still need to install and configure Android Studio. Do not wait until you know Java and XML by heart to start using it. This development environment provides resources that will make learning easier .

Android development can be learned quickly, especially if you already have programming basics. In case you are in a hurry to create an Android application , contact our team. We will be happy to help you realize your project.

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