The best news of iOS 10

The best news of iOS 10

Ergonomics we know, and we must admit that we are happy to see Apple finally integrate (Android has already been offering for some time) this smart gadget ”  Raise to Wake  ” on the iPhone 6s, 7 and SE. This will allow you to wake up the screen of your iPhone, by simply lifting it to view the time or notifications without any click.

With iOS 10 Apple is changing the way it accesses information , which can initially destabilize you a little. First, the famous ”  Drag to unlock  ” disappears in favor of unlocking the Home button and the fingerprint recognition system ”  Touch ID  ” if you have. A little clarification is needed, if you touch without clicking the Home button, you will unlock your iPhone but stay on the same screen, to change it just go to your Settings.  It’s faster, it’s more secure, we say yes!

Then, the lock screen is enriched to offer several customizable interactions to everyone’s needs. A slide to the right and it’s a whole panel of widgets (weather, summary of third-party apps, calendar, Maps etc.) that appears, while to the left, we find the camera. This greatly facilitates things on a device the size of the iPhone “Plus”.

The unlocking of your iPhone has now 3 levels:

  1. By motion detection for an alarm clock of the 1st panel
  2. By touching the Home button for unlocking widgets and notifications of panels 2 and 3
  3. By clicking on the Home button to enter the iPhone

A quick accessibility to everyday utility apps that you will see is very much appreciated.

3D Touch Revolution

Do not waste time opening all your apps with the 3D Touch! Apple now offers you to interact directly on the notifications for example to reply to a message (sms, Facebook, Twitter …), to display a photo or a video etc.

More fun communication for iMessage

The iMessage messaging system is rejuvenating and incorporates many evolutions to make its messages more fun. Change the design of your text bubbles (mouai!) And express your emotions with your own drawings, the intelligent replacement of words by the emojis of your automatic corrector, stickers (we expect to see the landing lots paid) and other attractive animations . We are sure that that of the invisible ink will amuse more than one!

Another novelty, the preview of hyperlinks and the reading of these when it comes to videos.

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